Monday, 2 November 2009

Judith Pybus - The Ladder - authorhouse publishing

Some good reads I have read from the self publishing company of authorhouse in the last week or so.

The story takes place in 1953, the year of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, and involves eight children who find adventure in the grounds of an old Elizabethan house.

The children discover a shaft in the dilapidated kitchen garden, and decide to explore it further.  The house, which for many centuries was private owned and handed on through the same family, is now a rest home for ladies and gentlemen, and owned by the local council.

The eight friends construct a ladder and descend into their adventure which takes them along tunnels to the sea, into caves and to a room under the old house which becomes their “Aladdin’s Cave”.  However, the mysterious room holds a secret and three of the boys eventually become trapped and must use their ingenuity to find a way out.

Carmen Roberts -  Inseparable:The Tale of the Amulet


What do a mysterious locket, time travel, Charles Dickens, an ancient Irish monastery, a massive explosion in London, a fiery ring, and a raging flood all have to do with three best friends Meredith, Madeline and Molly? Find out as the adventure of a lifetime begins when Mollys grandmother entrusts her with precious heirlooms that have been handed down through Mollys family for centuries. Loyalty is questioned as the girls struggle to overcome a shadowy stalker who may know more about the mysteries surrounding them than he admits.  The girls face the ultimate challenge to their long friendship, one that will test whether or not they truly are Inseparable.

Lot's more books to take a look at the authorhouse web site.

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