Friday, 13 November 2009

Random News Of The House - Jonathan Stroud And Andy Mulligan

 The Big Bartimaeus Announcement

Jonathan Stroud is writing a prequel to the existing there books in Jonathan's bestselling Bartimaeus series which has sold 3 million copies in the UK alone. You might remember that when the first book, The Amulet of Samarkand published in 2003, it took the publishing world by storming, racing in to the bestseller charts and Hollywood came a-callin' buying rights to the series for around $3 million. 6 years on and the books are sold in 37 countries and have won countless awards. We are planning a huge splash to celebrate publication of the new novel, currently scheduled for Autumn next year. Also for release next year is a graphic novel which is being adapted by Andrew Donkin ,should also please Bartimaeus fans. It's going to be the year of the djinni.

And more.

David Fickling Books has just acquired an extraordinary novel by Andy Mulligan called TRASH . Which will be publishing it next autumn, simultaneously in the UK and US. Andy, whose first book RIBBLESTROPis shortlisted for the Roald Dahl Funny Book Prize, says that he wrote TRASH 'hard and fast - it was one of those books where I knew the ending before the beginning, and I found the characters easily: children who survive, against the odds, with a set of instincts and skills that just keep them breathing.' David Fickling says that 'Oxygen levels on the planet will rise when this book gets published. So many people will be holding their breath to see what happens! It is a fantastic nail-biter. The clincher for me is that it is also touching, in places deeply touching, and beautifully written. It says things that need to be said in a way that will be heard. This is just one of those stories that the whole world will want to read.' I am not going to give the plot away - suffice to say we'll be whetting your appetite with more news of TRASH as time goes by.

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Tanya said...

HOORAY!!! The Bartimaeus Trilogy aren't as popular in the States as they are in the UK, but they are a constant, if quiet seller here. One of my all-time favorite trilogies that I keep meaning to re-read. Now I have a year to do it before the prequel. I wonder if Linda Buckleyt-Archer might consider a prequel to her Time Travelers Trilogy???