Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Danny Wallace (Author) & Jamie Littler (Illustrator) - Hamish and the Neverpeople - Mr Ripley's Book Review

Nobody knows it yet, but the people of Earth are in big, big trouble.
Like - HUGE trouble. Oh, come on, where's your imagination? Double what you're thinking!
And it's all got to do with a shadowy figure, an enormous tower, some sinister monsters, huge clanking and thundering metal oddballs, and people who are just like you… but not like you at all.
Luckily Hamish and the PDF are around to help save the day! Aren't they??

Anything is possible when you read a good book. One minute you can fly to the moon in a hot air balloon made of Swiss cheese. The next, you can sail the seven seas on a floating cracker, whilst wrestling a ten foot long shark. We all can dream the dream and walk the tight rope of fantasy and, in this book, we can also share the laughter with Danny Wallace. This is the second outing for Hamish and the Pause Defence Force who are back again to foil an another evil plan. The PDF gang need to have their whits about them if they are going to succeed.

This is one of my personal favourite ongoing book series. Hamish and the WorldStoppers was a fantastic first book and it was also one of the best selling children's fiction debuts of 2015. The second instalment, Hamish and the Neverpeople is as equally as good as the first book. We still have Jamie Littler (the creator and writer of Cogg and Sprokit) onboard, whose work was serialised in The Phoenix Comics. His fantastic full page and half page illustrations makes the book come alive, as well as the brilliant cover and eye catching graphical endpapers, which will help it fly off the bookshelves once again. 

So what makes this a great book? Well, it makes me grin from ear to ear. It is an expanding ball of silliness, just like a fart, when you are a child. It's infectious and makes you laugh all of the time. The plot is zany and totally crazy. It is a "BIG SECRET" and you, the reader, only know what's going on. Are you ready to face the MEGAPOCALYPSE?  You will have to be brave like Hamish and the gang and turn the pages on a non stop action rollercoaster, which will have you doing a loop de loop of excitement.

It's very cool, very original and is built on big plot ideas and huge amounts of quirky imagination. You will encounter many characters with silly names, visit a strange parallel world and a city like no other! You will travel to Otherearth and locate Scarmarsh, the evil one, and do battle with some sinister crazy monsters. The next minute you will be running away screaming in the face of huge clanking metal oddballs. Only then you will need to rescue the King whilst saving the world. We are actually in HUGE trouble!

It's very action packed, fully immersive and an absolute joy to read. Additionally, it is full of great characters, who are well written and some of whom we only get a tantalising, fleeting glimpse of. King Les the Second is one my favourite characters, as he is unusual and very talkative. He also has a very bizarre fashion sense, so do watch out for him.You will never read a book as quick as this one, in my opinion, it's pure middle grade madness! A great book to pick up for reluctant readers with a true sense of adventure that will brighten your day.  

Published by Simon and Schuster 11th February 2016, get your order in NOW! 


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