Sunday, 18 January 2009

E.E. Richardson - The Soul Trader

Review by Mr Ripley

This seventh novel from talented young writer Elizabeth Richardson, won't disappoint her fans. It's another spine-tingler that will have you gripped from the start. As with her other novels, Elizabeth skilfully sets the drama against a backdrop of friendship and family tensions, making her stand alone in this genre. The main character Nick Spencer finds himself making a deal which is going to turn his world upside down.
This book is a cross between the authors F.E Higgins and Robert Westall which makes it a great read.This is the first book I have read by Elizabeth and it has made me want to read more.Four out Five, could've done with a little more content, otherwise a super read.


When Nick Spencer stumbles upon Bargains, the odd little back street shop seems like the perfect place to buy the present he's been searching for. And when the shopkeeper wants to take some of Nick's artwork instead of money for payment, he's even happier. But Nick soon realizes that the deal he's made is not quite the bargain he thought it was. His drawing skills have disappeared, and when he returns to the shop he finds himself trapped into a job he didn't sign up for, collecting debts for the mysterious Mr Grey. As his assignments grow steadily more and more traumatic and the shop takes over more and more of his life, the question becomes not when he'll earn his way out ...but if he'll ever get out.

Published by Random House 5 Feb 2009

About the author:

E.E. Richardson is a twenty-four-year-old cybernetics graduate. Her first novel, The Devil's Footsteps, was published to great critical acclaim shortly after she graduated from university.


The Devil's Footsteps (2005)
The Intruders (2006)
Devil for Sale (2007)
The Summoning (2007)
The Soul Trade (2008)
Grave Dirt (2008)
The Soul Trader (2009)

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Anonymous said...

The Soul Trader looks good - I thoroughly enjoyed The Devil's Footsteps and The Intruders by this author. Very impressed with her writing and ideas.

Michelle Harrison

Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books said...

Hello Michelle,

I have missed E.E Richardson other books.On the strength of this book i will read some of the other books she has written.

How is the book you were reading going?

Anonymous said...

It's very good so far, but my reading time is non-existent at them moment! I'm doing lots of school events at the moment . . .
Will update you when I've finished it.


Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books said...

Hope the school visits go well and you have a good time in doing so!!!

I may get round to reading Knife soon it dose look good!!!