Thursday, 1 January 2009

March 2009 New Books for The U.S.

Some of the best books out in March 2009 in the U.S.

Francisco Stork - Marcelo in the Real World - Arthur A.Levine March 1

Christina Kessler - Trouble in Timbuktu - Philomel March 5

Cassandra Clare - City of Glass (Mortal Instruments) - Margret K.McElderry March 24

Brandon Mull - Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary - Shadow Mountain March 30

James Dashner - The 13 Reality the Hunt for Dark Infinity - Shadow Mountain March 30

I hope to review some of following books in the near future..............Please if you have anything to say please email us as all your emails and comments are welcome and a HAPPY NEW YEAR FOR 2009.......

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