Saturday, 2 February 2013

Book Review: Richard Masson - Boonie - Hot Key Books

This is a book that is very different to other books that I have read recently and being published at this moment in time. In fact it's not a book that I'd expect to be published by a mainstream publisher such as Hot Key Books. Therefore, I definitely congratulate them in championing this book.

The start of the book is not an easy one to digest. The harsh realties of the story are quickly thrust upon the reader and set a sombre tone. In parts, this book is set in a futuristic fantasy world. Although, it is basically about a world of survival in an arid landscape. Both water and food are very scarce; the world is ruled by dictatorship from the Silver Men. These men leave a lot to the imagination - not much is given away about them, which is good in my opinion. It leaves the imagination running wild as to the possibilities of their comings and goings. 

The story moves through a lot of bleak action before there is any glimpse of a ray of sunshine. However, that ray of sunshine soon shines through in the form of friendship and will have you hooked. 

The main character, JD, is lost in the desert after fleeing from the clutches of the Silver Men. He encounters a strange old man whose mouth has been sewn shut. The element of mystery starts to creep in at this point giving the reader more to think about as the old man reveals a secret. He helps JD to find the city in order to search for his missing mother. At this point the story unfolds into a tale of horror and brutality with enslaved children trapped inside pits scraping for water and food. This is certainly not a light-hearted and happy read. However, it really makes you think - it is an intelligent and well-crafted story. 

This is another great book that will stay with you until the very last page has been turned - just like a good old friend. It is a great debut start from an author who has been writing all of his life. Shortlisted for Undiscovered Voices 2012 - this great book, I am sure, is the reason why.

If you would like to read a copy of this book then the author is giving one lucky person a chance to win a signed hardback copy on his website. Why not pop over to enter the competition by following the link here

Equally, if you would like to read about the author's thoughts on Boonie then take a look at the guest post that he has written for my blog. More details on the competition can also be found here

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