Thursday, 22 January 2015

Allan Boroughs - Bloodstone ( The Legend of Ironheart ) Book Review

What is a myth but a truth retold many times over? Atlantis is real!

At the start of 2015, I find that my reading pile is the strongest that it has ever been with a really exciting selection of reads. While everyone is talking about young adult books at the moment, I personally think that middle grade books are being very overlooked by reviewers. Especially as some of the best books that have already been published this year fit into the middle age reading category. However, without further ado let's move on to talk about Allan Borough's book 'Bloodstone'.

This is the second installment in The Legend of Ironheart series. In the first adventure, we were flung into the far reaches of Siberia as part of an epic and exhilarating adventure inspired by Allan's extensive travels. In 'Bloodstone' we are catapulted into a further escapade in the Antarctic with India Bentley.

The story starts with another mission across the globe with Verity Brown, who is known as a notorious tech-hunter scouring the lands for long-lost technology. However, after an unfortunate turn of events, and a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, the reader is entertained by the striking descriptions and unique settings that introduced. India and Verity have many choices to make, but can they save humanity?

The story is full of explosive moments that will rocket you to different worlds in the blink of an eye. It's a classic no-nonsense, dystopian adventure that has been written with both passion and perhaps an overactive imagination. It introduces a collection of crazy characters that are very interesting to read about. I was particularly drawn to Professor Moon, a man absolutely obsessed in finding the Bloodstone. The plot is brought together by his crazy contraptions and a whole host of gadgets. 

The ending was inspired and brought about a different feel to the end of an active plot. It was certainly not what I was expecting, but it should enable the next book in the series to enter another dimension. This book was five star entertainment and one of my favourite reads of the year so far. I hope that the next book will be coming very soon, in the meantime, I might just revisit Ironheart. If you've not read any of the previous books, then I would recommend that you do so now.....  

This is another cracking MG read. Thank you Macmillan for sending it to me - your support is very much appreciated. Don't forget to look at my book review for Garth Jennings 'The Deadly 7' which is also by Macmillan. 

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