Friday, 16 January 2015

Dan Smith - Big Game - Book Review & Trailer ( Chicken House)

The idea of this story started its young life as a film script; originally written by Jalmari Helander and Petri Jokiranta. With a sprinkling of author magic and creative direction by Dan Smith, it has been adapted from the original idea into an exciting adventure in book form. It should tie in nicely with the release of the movie, which will hit the big screens in May. Starring the super actor Samuel L. Jackson as the President of the United States, if it's anything like the book, it should be a blockbuster of a film.

The book is set in the wildness of Finland and after my recent visit to Norway last year, I could really relate to the extreme landscape and weather conditions described. It's a fast paced adventure with big time action that will both thrill and captivate you at the same time. 

As you skip and dance through the snowy wilderness, you will gain a powerful bond with the lead character Oskari, a 13 year old boy. He sets off into the forest to fulfill an ancient tradition as a test of his manhood. Armed with only a bow and arrow, he has to survive day and night using all of his experience and knowledge to bring back a hunting trophy - something that he did not envisage. 

Unfortunately, his adventure does not go to plan. At this point, the plot intensifies into a heart stopping adventure. It involves the US President running from a group of, shall we say, big game terrorist and, from this moment on, it's electrifying. You will be thrilled and gripped to the core.

This is an action packed story full of danger and explosive moments that will rock you all over the forest floor. I really loved certain pockets of the storyline such as the plane and helicopter. I'm not going to say anymore, as I may spoil your enjoyment of the story, but they are really well written and will definitely gain your attention. You may even find yourself at the point of holding your breath. 

The suggested audience for this book is 10+, but I definitely feel that it will find a comfortable home with older readers as well. If you are looking for adventure and suspense, then this book has it in spades. It is written with a film-like vision right until the brilliant ending. 

This is another great release from Chicken House and is available to purchase now. If you are game, then hunt a copy down. You won't be disappointed.

Book Trailer

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