Cathryn Constable - The White Tower - Blog Tour 2017 - (Top 5 Distractions Blog Post)

As part of the White Tower blog tour for Chicken House, I'm very pleased to welcome author, Cathryn Constable, to the blog today to tell us about here top 5 distractions. Have you ever been distracted from your writing? 

The perfect writing day will leave plenty of time for a bit of distraction, either at the start when you want to ease yourself back into your story or at any point when you begin to feel that the writing isn’t fluid. These distractions might be something to do with what I’m writing, but sometimes they’re things which keep me in an attentive mood but are nothing to do with the book. 

1 Old films on Youtube 
This can be a bit like going down the rabbit hole (in fact, I’ve watched quite a few versions of Alice whilst writing The White Tower). A recent discovery was Morgiana, a strange, Czech film made in the 1970s where the two sisters, one bad, one evil, are played by the same actress. Amazing makeup and costumes. 

2 Korean drama 
A terrible admission, but I’m hooked. There’s something so satisfying about getting lost in Korean dramas because they just go on and on and on… And there’s every genre. Recent faves included a mermaid, an immortal alien (that one was heartbreaking) or a sorceress concubine. Not standard Netflix fare. 

3 If the writing is really not going well, I’ll go for a manicure. This is risky because you’re stepping away from your desk and can get doubly distracted going to buy flowers on the way home (although I’m very strict not to keep walking and go to the excellent vintage shop a bit further up the road). But keeping the nails piano teacher short is essential for quick typing. 

4 Tarot 
I’m hopeless and will cheat to get a decent reading. 

5 The London Review of Books 
Only to be risked on the days when falling into a vortex is not the worst thing that can happen. I can spend hours in the online archive. HOURS…

Synopsis: Alchemy meets dreamy reality in this new atmospheric adventure from the author of the bestselling debut, The Wolf Princess. 
The White Tower is the uplifting and magical story of Livy, a young girl lost in throws of grief and forced to move schools. Struggling to cope with life, Livy finds solace high up on the rooftop amongst the domes and spires of her new home. With the perfect blend of science and dreamy reality, Constable paints a rich and atmospheric story of a lonely girl coming to terms with the death of her best friend and finding a way to let go of her pain. My Book Review Here. 

Cathryn Constable’s debut novel, The Wolf Princess, was one of the best-selling debuts of 2012. It swept the board with gorgeous reviews and was shortlisted for the Waterstones Children's Book Prize and the Specsavers National Book Awards.
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Published 5th January 2017 in paperback by Chicken House.