Mr Ripley's Enchanted Favourite Book Reads 2016 - End of Year Review (Part One)

Here we are at the end of another year. In retrospect, it has been a good year in 2016 for books. There was a fantastic start to the reading year with some of my favourite reads being published early on. I was hoping to read many more books in 2016 than I actually managed. I will try and do better in 2017! This year's "Mr Ripley's Book Cover Wars" award was won by Roderick Gordon with the Summerhouse Land book cover which was fantastically illustrated by Stanley Donwood. I would also like to mention in this post Chicken House Ltd as my favourite children's publisher of 2016. They have such a fantastically passionate and talented team; every book is a fantastic read, so well done all of you. 

Below are the first five of my favourite books - another post is to follow. 

Jennifer Bell - The Crooked Sixpence (THE UNCOMMONERS) - Corgi Children's 
This book cover will catch your eye across a crowded bookshop, so much so, that you will find yourself slowly gravitating towards it for a closer inspection. The brilliant cover image has been illustrated by Karl James Mountford and has been very playfully and artfully produced. It has an amazing use and choice of colours as well as enchanting images that invite the reader in to explore more. As you start to turn the pages, you will enter the world like no other, where nothing is quite as it seems... More Book Review Here

Christopher Edge - The Many Worlds of Albie Bright - Published by Nosy Crow

Traditionally, January is a very strong month for book releases. I've read so many great books already, especially in the middle-grade genre. I've loved every reading minute so far and this book has been no exception. It is another fantastic outing by Christopher Edge; this is his fifth published novel (I believe) and one that resonated with me very much. The book cover is very inviting. Produced by Matt Saunders, it will grab your attention and make you want to read it. More Book Review Here

Stewart Foster - The Bubble Boy - Published by Simon & Schuster Children's 

If you're going to blow bubbles today, then it would be best for you to do it before you read this book. Behind the bold sky blue cover, there is a fantastic story waiting for every reader to discover. So blow some superhero bubbles for Joe and get ready to ride a fantastically inspirational story that you will want to visit again and again. This book will make you think who the real superheroes are, and it's not the ones who wear capes, have superpowers or fight bad guys in Marvel or DC comics. No, it's people like Joe, who have to fight an everyday battle but they do so with a smile on their face, and hope in their hearts. More Book Review Here

Philip Caveney - The Calling - Published by Fledgling Press 
The Calling is a magical story that you are all going to love. Yes, you really are dear readers. The story to me is a nostalgic look at one of the best cities in the UK. Can you guess where that might be? From the veery first pages that you turn, you are soon asking questions about the mysterious character. You can not help follow the character with wide eyes and a buzzing mind as he leaves Waverley train station into the chaotic streets of Edinburgh. The Fringe is in full swing and performers are strutting their stuff on the streets. A rocked-up Scottish folk tune leaks from the pages as Philip sets up the backdrop and atmosphere like a seasoned pro. More Book Review Here

Robin Jarvis - The Power of Dark (The Witching Legacy) - Published by Egmont
Robin Jarvis is back with a mighty bang and a fantastic new series. The first book "The Power of Dark" will be published at the end of June 2016 by Egmont. There are also a further three more books to come in the series which will be published in six-monthly intervals, which I'm really looking forward to reading. The first book is set in the town of Whitby, North Yorkshire. This is a place that Robin knows very well from his previous visits as part of "The Whitby Witches" series. It is a perfect setting and backdrop full of myths and legends and is one of the finest gothic settings in England. More Book Review Here